Pore Ooi, founder of Mega Brides and born in Malaysia. He started his photography journey at a young age as he was inspired by his two elder brothers who are both photographers as well. He found his potential when following them, discovering the wonderful and mysterious of photography which make him decided to join the path as a photographer. After that, he opened his first and only bridal shop which named Mega Brides in Muar, Johor, Malaysia since 1994.


He loves to join photography competition to increase his experience in photography. Learning path is an endless journey as we explore and discover new things every single day. We must ensure that the groom and brides are in their best comfortable condition with suitable expression and posing so that we can have a good outcome of photos. Other than that, it is also a good way to portray his artwork towards everyone around the world and able to prove that he could make it through too.


He loves photography and that’s what fulfilled his life. He is always full of ideas and concepts on how to shoot l wedding couples or models whenever he gets himself ready in the scene. Besides, he also clearly understands that the post-editing process once he has the concept in his mind. However, he have to keep moving forward and learn new things everyday because what we have now will always be replaced by a better one.

He has participated in a lot of international competitions. For instance, WPPI, MPA, WPC, EPA, ASIA WPA, PPAC and etc. He had reach a higher accomplishment in his life which is being a judge for international completions these three years like ASIA WPA, EPA, WPE and WPI. He achieved a lots of awards in his career life. However, the biggest award he received would be the Grand Award WPPI 2018 in wedding category. “I am very honoured and happy because I have received the award I have been seeking in my life,” Pore Ooi. Other than that he was also the Photographer Of The Year in Magic Lens and the Top 20 photographer of the year in Asia WPA three years in a row from year 2017 to 2019. Lastly, he has achieved the master tier in Asia WPA now.


Pore Ooi participated his first competition in year 2016 when he was 48 years old. However, the result and awards he got in these few years prove that age does not affect much. We shouldn’t be afraid of the challenges and just do what we want. All of us can reach our goals anytime as long as you really want and work for it.

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